Government and NGO’s

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We have found that some NGOs do not specialise in health care, and the NGOs that do have healthcare and medical experience prefer to work with reliable partners.

UN agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO), Pan American Health Organization(PAHO), UNHCR and UNICEF, for example,are all key leaders and partners in assisting NGOs with their missions and capabilities particularly in health and the medical field. NGOs provide ground-level information about health needs of displaced and nondisplaced populations, and are also the implementing agent for health programs. WHO and UNICEF, meanwhile are often the backbone of support for shipments,surveillance, comprehensive data compilation,guidelines, and technical services.

“ Working with a reliable UK partner has helped us break into supply local NGOs. ”
Oliver, Avakash International. SA

We have infrastructure in place to tender for both ministry of health projects and helping NGOs source and delivery items that may be difficult to get hold of just taking up too much of their resources.

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